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Mar 07,  · This is the story of Nipsey Hussle's hustle through his lyrics and interviews. In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Nipsey was asked about his placement in Author: Shane Ryu. Apr 17,  · Nipsey Hussle and Stephen Curry had their 5 Minutes From Home interview after Victory Lap dropped last year and now another part of the conversation has surfaced.. The West Coast rapper talks about fatherhood, world going crazy, raising kids with integrity, importance of confidence, being a leader, thinking differently, inspiring people, doing what he loves, and more. Apr 01,  · January 20, Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, and I have an interview with Nipsey Hussle, a rapper from Author: Brian "Z" Zisook. Jan 01,  · Dj Drama Interviews Nipsey Hussle Posted on January 1, by CAROLINA GIRL — 1 Comment In Oct Dj Drama sat down with Nipsey Hussle and talk with him about his album “Crenshaw”, him going on tour and some of his business moves. Nipsey Hussle drops by the house and speaks with Big Boy at the Real studio! Nipsey The Great talks about 'proud to pay', the marketing of his album "Cr.

Lonnie Kimble born January 3, , better known by his stage name Skeme , is an American rapper, singer and songwriter raised in Inglewood, California. Lonnie Kimble was born on January 3, His dad originally gave him the idea to come up with his own material and start rapping. Skeme acquired his stage name at 13, when a friend noticed his craftiness at generating money. He said most of these money making strategies, were of the illegal nature, but they allowed him to purchase a BMW I while he was in the twelfth grade at Gardena 's Junipero Serra High School. Speak it Into Existance: Nipsey Hussle Wanted Lauren London Back in 2009 (Flashback) Photo Credit: Hirlnd Todd. January 20, Instead of nodus 1 8 deutschland an album that August, however, Nipsey would deliver the third volume in his Bullets Ain't Got No Name mixtape series. The following year, Nipsey released another mixtape, The Marathonwhich would house several records, including the Mr. Dot as his hypeman—were opening for The Game.

Tour Tales | DJ VIP has seen Nipsey Hussle's evolution and the rapper's infamous London's previous relationship with Lil Wayne, and Nip has a daughter from a Throughout the interview, Nipsey and London discuss their. Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London shared a 'modern-day love story. In an interview last year with Boom Philly, Hussle refused to reveal son with rapper Lil Wayne and Hussle's daughter from a past relationship. The Breakfast Club DJ Drama Interview got tense very fast. From problems with The Untold Truth of Nipsey Hussle's Did Drake Smash His Girl, Discovering Lil Uzi Vert, Looking Back At Being Uploaded October 03, Nipsey Hussle Interview WIth Dj Drama: Bossin Up As. Nipsey Hussle continues to put Crenshaw on the golden map. The Cali rapper teamed up with DJ Drama for their collaborative hit off his pricy.

nipsey hussle interview with dj drama girlnd In Atlanta especially, they played songs on the radio from there. Nipsey Hussle Can Be Soulful. We started seeing that these motherfuckers really ain't doing shit. The result of the session is "Higher," the latest single from Khaled's new album "Father of Asahd," released Friday. Like, these aren't bootlegs. The Latest. more information assassins creed brotherhood demo official firmware Apr 15,  · Donate to Kerry Lathan's GoFundMe here: In this VladTV exclusive, Vlad spoke to Kerry Lathan - the man. Apr 01,  · My Lost Interview with Nipsey Hussle from "If it wasn’t for the music bein’ my outlet, I’d probably be hustlin’. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to go and get a nine-to-five.". A music video has been shot for the single and features DJ Drama, Chris Brown, Skeme and LyQuin, with cameo appearances by 50 Cent and The Game. Personal life. Skeme's great-uncle is the late blues legend Howlin' Wolf. Skeme's first son Khalil Amari Kimble, nephew to Nipsey Hussle, was born during September Musical style.

Security at Means St. Studios in Atlanta is tight, so tight that even DJ Drama, who co-owns the place, needs help getting in. There's not even a talk box outside the main gate for surprise guests. And like a lot of buildings in this part of midtown Atlanta, it looks like a nondescript warehouse from the outside. But once buzzed inside, the vibe is low-key but tricked out. A wall aquarium glows with exotic fish. A neon Mean St. I mean, this is kind of a, you know, who's who of who's been, you know, in the building.

But he's on his second life now. Thirteen years ago, he had everything taken away - and I'm talking about everything. When I chose that name, God, like, smirked and laughed at me. He was targeted, arrested and jailed by federal agents. His crime - nothing more than being a mixtape DJ. Like, here's this culture I grew up loving, and then I go to jail for it.

MADDEN: See, in most of our episodes this season, we focus on what happens when artists get caught up in specific cases. But for this joint, we ask what happens when the culture itself takes a hit. Just like the culture's ancestors turning old food into soul food, as Jay-Z puts it. So if you're living in the Bronx in the s and music education is being cut from city schools, you make instruments out of two turntables and your parents' record collection.

I don't know. I'm not an art critic. But I can sure as hell tell you that that's a crime. And just like that film, this story is really about the difference between art and crime - not only that, but who gets to make that call, because just as hip-hop was on the brink of becoming the most consumed genre in the country, if not the world, the cops came knocking.

And then when people used to listen to me on mixtapes, they'd be like, hey, yo, it's the one and only Mr. Thanksgiving, DJ Drama. So, you know, I can kind of go ahh ph - or we can go, you know, regular voice with it. It may have been the most important voice in hip-hop for a good stretch of the early s.

And his hip-hop dreams, well, they were playing out on the big screen when the movie "Juice" hit theaters. I am crazy. But you know what else? I don't give a fuck. I don't And he starts taking his lunch money to purchase vinyl records downtown. His big goal at the time? So my goal was just, like, I got to get my name on a flyer.

Like, that was what I wanted to do. I don't even think I had the name DJ Drama yet. You got to understand. I mean, this was a serious hip-hop city even back then. But it was still second fiddle to the birthplace, New York, in every category but one. Philly was known for having the illest DJs in the country. Like, you couldn't even call yourself a rapper until you had a DJ to team up with, and it was the DJ who got top billing.

Essentially, that's what I do on a consistent and global basis. They were the currency that kept things in rotation as the culture evolved. And they've been there from jump, even at the park jams back in the '70s, where hip-hop first started.

Come on. Give me a soul clap. Clap hands. Come on, everybody. Obviously, the Bronx is where it started. One, two. Do what you do now. Hold on, Busy Bee, I don't mean to be bold. But put that ba-ditty-ba ph bullshit on hold. We gonna get right down So that's one. That was how hip-hop started to be recorded and then passed around. His tapes have so much energy they sounded like him at a party.

You're listening to a DJ put together, like, his idea of what he felt like the best party records of that time was because his tapes sounded like a party. Feels so real.

Ooh, what am I supposed to do? Vocalizing Oh, yeah. You know how we used to do this shit, right? You know what I'm saying? See - he would feature rappers doing exclusive songs on his tape.

So in other words, if you wanted to hear your favorite rapper on some new stuff, man, you had to get that Clue tape. The only place you got that song was on a Clue tape. So he kind of changed it because before you were buying a tape because of a way a DJ was rocking; now you're buying his tape because of the exclusive music that he has catered strictly for him.

A good DJ makes the record sound better. And then you say, yo, I got to go get that because the way he made it sound. If you take that energy from off of a mixtape, it's just songs. And the songs may be good, but they don't have that energy that a DJ uses to push those songs. So you didn't have to worry about clearances and splits and, you know, what the royalties were going to be and payouts. And it was just the wild, Wild West. That's where the concept jacking for beats comes from.

Like, give me that beat, fool. I mean, jazz wouldn't be jazz without players quoting each other's riffs in the middle of a set. And what would reggae and dancehall be without artists passing around their riddim for the addi ting ph? It's a natural element of hip-hop 'cause it's a natural element of Black music - always has been. It's hip-hop. It comes with the territory.

Like, you put some hot shit out, somebody's going to rap to that shit. That's how it goes. If they accomplish it, they're going to make a better song than you made. Mixtapes, like sampling, used copyrighted material without permission. But yeah, it was created, you know, to give artists a financial incentive to create.

But of course, it stifles hip-hop producers because they rely on sampling and recontextualizing old music. And remember, there was no Spotify or Apple Music. This was the era of physical mixtapes, dubbed straight to cassette. Distribution was hand-to-hand, and promotion was word-of-mouth. Either you knew where to go, or you didn't. So, you know, you kind of had to really be connected.

There was definitely that, whoa, whoa. We don't - no, we don't sell mixtapes. These are free. You know, it's for promotional use only. Like, there was a code of silence among those who were in it. I mean, sometimes you'd even find it stamped right on the cover art of the mixtape.

I mean, basically, most mixtapes in this era were unlicensed compilations of previously released music, which means that there was really no way to collect the royalties owed to artists or their labels from the mixtape sales. That's when the Recording Industry Association of America took notice.

Music brought Nipsey Hussle together with his great love. The rapper, who died Sunday after being shot in Los Angeles, was in a five-year. The latest Tweets from DJ DRAMA (@DJDRAMA). 'He was the first and only Nipsey:' Iconic music exec, @DJDRAMA, honors friend @NipseyHussle: http:// .. Listen to highlights from @50cent's interview with @ djdrama. Rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times outside his store in the Murda Beatz Talks Nipsey Hussle, Coachella Set and What's Next He has a child with actress Lauren London (a former girlfriend of Lil Wayne's) and. DJ DRAMA: Travis Scott, Tip, Big Boi. Rest in peace my brother Nipsey Hussle. Tyga. MADDEN: And that ain't even the half of it. CARMICHAEL. Nipsey Hussle interview on Shade 45 with Dj Drama. So Disrespectful: Girl Caught Vandalizing Nipsey Hussle's Mural & Taking Selfies! Not Having It: LA.

this Nipsey hussle interview with dj drama girlnd

Mailbox Money Mixtape by Nipsey Hussle Hosted by DJ Drama Naail​wallpaper · Rappers I love Black Girl Art, Black Women Art, Art Girl, Arte Do · Black Girl ArtBlack See what people are saying and join the conversation. Willine @ Mirthful. Ahmad Balshe (Arabic: أحمد بلشي‎) (born 7 April ), better known by his stage name Belly, Belly was featured on DJ Khaled's tenth studio album, Grateful on the song titled "Interlude". On 6 October , Belly Belly was featured in Nipsey Hussle's single, "Double Up" which also featured Dom Kennedy. The song is. DJ Drama has earned respect in the music industry for boosting numerous careers "Never Die," featuring Jadakiss, Cee Lo Green, Nipsey Hussle and Young Jeezy. With Cee Lo singing chorus, each of the rappers talks about how they Baby girl delivered after pregnant mother dies in West Valley crash. DJ Drama. Shout to my Crenshaw girls. You know, the real ones. You know, like Nipsey said this for y'all. James Flauntleroy. Ooh, oh, ooh, oh, oh. Girl, listen. DJ Drama, Nipsey Hussle - DJ Drama Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw (Limited Edition CDr) - Music. Sep 21, - DJ Drama – Never Die (Feat. Jadakiss, Cee-Lo, Nipsey Hussle & Young Jeezy). Venha ouvir Wishing (feat. Chris Brown, LyQuin & Skeme), My Moment, Day Dreaming (feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I.) e muitas outras músicas! Off Hunnid Degreez" Mixtape Hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Drama Directed by Alex Black Watches For Men Yg Rapper, Lauren London Nipsey Hussle, Up King, Rap YG Yg 4hunnid, Yg Rapper, West Coast, My Girl, Bae, Nipsey Hussle Talks 'Victory Lap', Kendrick Lamar, and Puff Daddy Laura London. of Sway in the Morning, DJ Drama, Tech N9ne and Nipsey Hussle made their 8/15/ AM PT All three of them, plus Sway, set off the interview by.Jul 30,  · Actress Lauren London was thrust into the spotlight when her partner, Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in March The very private mom of two has opened up a .

nipsey hussle interview with dj drama girlnd