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A collection of small shorts made in GMod, which could easily have gone into a GMod Idiot Box episode, but was made into its own short for one reason or another. Hey dude! What voice clip did you use for the Heavy screaming about the bird? Please send me the link, thanks! Current Version: v Upload Date: April 4th Previous Versions: v - March 27th v - February 12th v - August 11th v - February 11th really what map did you use for the prison scene. The Gmod Idiot Box is a Youtube series made by DasBoSchitt. The Gmod Idiot Box takes place in the Half-Life universe, about halfway between HL1 and HL2 about society under the rule of the Combine. It depicts many happenings in and around the town of Evocity, a usually quiet, somewhat isolated community For more information, visit Das Bo Schitt's Blogspot page, linked below. http.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Garry's Mod Store Page. The Gmod Idiot Box By DasBoSchitt 1-15 It depicts many happenings in and around the town of Evocity, a usually quiet, somewhat isolated community. The First episodes intro consists of Civil Protection breaking into a apartment. While the other cops begin killing the Residents, one of them, known as idiot box gmod 13, stops to see a video playing of G-Man and Mossman, censuras en animes loquendo which Mossman kicks the G-Man between his legs, at which he laughs oddly. The screen then displays "The Gmod idiot box - Episode 1. Idiot box gmod 13 wiki.

And if nobody else is up for helping it along then hell, gimme a few days so I can do my thing. -C2k "HAAAAAAAAX" —Doctor Hax The Gmod Idiot Box is a. The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 1. DasBoSchitt · The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 2 The GMod Idiot Box: Episode DasBoSchitt · The GMod Idiot Box. The Gmod Idiot Box is a machinima series created by DasBoSchitt. The series is largely inspired by The Idiots of Garry's Mod, and was released a few months afterwards. But unlike IOGM, which relied on Episode Escape From Prison! A description of tropes appearing in Gmod Idiot Box. Didn't Think This Through: The Heavy's attempt to get his hamburger back in episode 13, by having the. Episode # Animation, Comedy | Episode aired 18 May Season 1 | Episode Previous · All Episodes (15) · Next · Episode # Poster. Add a Plot».

idiot box gmod 13 So, he idiot box gmod 13 on the accelerator and the car leaped and galloped towards Loren who was shooting. She asks him if he commited robbery or murder. She was idiot box gmod 13 hit by a bumper car. The Heavy plays poker with Max, who couldn't stop 113 stories. Manipulation of objects can hold a great variety: from stretch an object and applying it to different types of textures to create a flying machine. Derrick falls over next to Alex before saying "I look like a hush Puppy". more information gta san andreas links The Gmod series created by DasBoSchitt. The GMod Idiot Box: Episode YouTube AVE. Episode 1: Unboxing. Know your Schitt! Part Update! Know Your Schitt! Part 3: Removing Distracting Elements. The Future of Machinima. GIBlets: Bob WAS Building an Army The GMod Idiot Box: Episode Know Your Schitt! Part 1: . Mar 25,  · hey i was trying to find the song at of Gmod idiot box episode 8 can anyone help cause i didnt see the song in the list. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Unknown February 13, at PM. love ur vids i watch them everyday and each time they get funnier iv shown them to all my friends. Reply Delete. Replies.

This article, and the wiki in general, are in severe need of maintenance and looking after to make sure nobody cocks everything up. And if nobody else is up for helping it along then hell, gimme a few days so I can do my thing.

The series is largely inspired by The Idiots of Garry's Mod , and was released a few months afterwards. The series has been well-received by viewers, and the first episode has currently over five million views. Hax was created by Dr. Breen as the ultimate countermeasure to the damage caused by the year of the hacking outbreak. Still, many citizens including Chuckles continue to hack to this day and Dr. Hax is always there to stop them.

Created to look exactly like Dr. Breen, Hax was given a giant head so everyone will remember Breen's face Granting admin privileges to the world around them to combat hackers easier, Breen even armed Dr. Hax with what was known as "LUA Monitors. They are also designed to restore the default settings of their target, returning anything out of the ordinary back to normal on impact.

Telekenetic launching is the method of which these monitors travel, often summoning monitors into being, or simply launching a monitor from nearby after it's coded manually by Dr.

Hax once he has control of it. Sometimes however, Dr. Hax is quick to jump the gun and wrongfully accuse someone of hacking when it seems "too good to be true.

He noticed 1's wielding of a full sized car and called hax upon him, only to be knocked out by the flying car, which was thrown by ultimately legitimate means, as 1's strength is still something to be feared.

During the hacking epidemic in the city, many machines, including the ones in Dr. Kleiner's lab were suffering breakdowns and sometimes even explosions. This was due to the fact that the serious amount of hacking around the city created rips in the fabric of reality, creating an unstable fusion of reality and fiction in the form of data. This rogue data appear in the form of what was best described as "nonsense" appearing out of nowhere. While Dr. Thus, UberKleiner was created and though Dr.

Kleiner was never hurt from the incident, UberKleiner lives on through the rips in reality, appearing at extremely random moments to share with everyone The lazer cannon blasts during such a sound still has yet to be even explained, but then, no one has been able to make sense of what comes of these rips in reality. The model of him were used as Kitty 's character: Mr. The result of the resistance science team's attempt to create an advanced teleportation rift.

When a lab cat was sent through the rift as the first teleportation experiment, it never came through to the other side and was lost. A week later, sightings of a feline with the same description as the one in Kleiner's lab, showed up in an abandoned home along the coast.

Rumor had it, the cat was able to defy the laws of gravity and had un-explainable, dangerous powers at it's disposal, but only when it was un-amused. Since then, the quest to amuse the cat was on, just to see if it would bring good to the ones that amused it. Unfortunately, a man in a purple suit stepped forward in an attempt to satisfy the feline with a number of horrible dance moves. The man failed and the one they called "Gravity Cat" escaped, blowing away everything in his path.

He eventually found his way back to Kleiner's lab late at night and caused terrible damage. To this day, Barney still struggles with nightmares of the Gravity Cat, even though he was already long gone after exacting its revenge. One can only assume that the abrupt arrival of Gravity Cat sightings means that it too travels through the rips in reality, much like UberKleiner. This metrocop appears in a variety of episodes, and is portrayed as having an obsession with DasBoSchitt's idiot box series, at many times forcing him at gunpoint or threatening him in some other way to begin work on another episode, he is seen in one episode as having killed Bob, believing to have dne BoSchitt a favour.

Louis is well-known in the series through his obsession with pain pills, a characteristic seen in other machinimas involving him. He was first featured in the second episode , who gets beaten by 1 a few times when he tries to grab a bottle of pills in the park bench. When Francis insults him, he goes crazy and kicks him in the groin, causing him to fly upwards. In the third episode , he appears chasing an electric cart, which has pills in it.

In the fourth episode , when Bill throws a pill bomb at the zombies, Louis then goes to the pills and loses his head, but survives. When two headcrabs latch themselves on the their heads, Louis then saves Bill by shooting the headcrab on his head; unluckily, Bill loses his head, making them both headless.

In the fifth episode , he shouts for pills before beating up four people demanding pills from their victim. He then growls at the owner of the pills. In the sixth episode , he tells the two Francis clones that stairs are a good workout in order to find out which is the real Francis.

The other Francis then gets shot by Louis with a handgun which he has figured out the real Francis as one of them is a spy in disguise.

The real Francis, who hates stairs, says later that his hate for Louis is the reason to kill him. In the seventh episode, he and the other Survivors laugh at a Boomer who pukes out of range, but later, the Boomer covers them in bile. Zoey has a calm and normal personality, but, like most of the other Survivors, she is sometimes annoyed with Francis' sarcastic and bad antics.

She first appeared in the second episode , where a Blue Soldier told Zoey that the briefcase she is holding is his. But however, Francis then falls on the Soldier, killing him. Francis then takes the briefcase after Zoey thanked him. In the third episode , she gets outside a warehouse getting a fresh air but soon gets vomited by a Boomer, to whom she vomits back.

In the seventh episode, she tries to make a nearby Witch happy by giving her a snowcone, but Francis then interrupts by opening a door, startling the Witch who later attacks her. Later, she and the other Survivors laugh at a Boomer who pukes out of range, but later, the Boomer covers them in bile.

In the eighth episode, she sees copy papers and then gets happy with having found the pile before Ellis beats her up while chasing Francis. Bill has been portrayed to show negative traits against Francis, especially when the latter goes to beat up the Count.

He first appears in the fourth episode , where he throws his pain pills which is actually a bomb against a group of zombies. But Louis, obsessed with pills, falls for them and loses his head. Bill, thinking Louis is dead, is shocked to see Louis alive but headless. Later, he loses his head to a headcrab which is shot by Louis. He is later annoyed at Francis' crazy antics when he finds him beating up the Count on television.

In the sixth episode , he is in the cinema with Francis but both are killed by the Gravity Cat's noxious smoke. In the eighth episode, he helps Francis beat Ellis by throwing Renamon on him, then humps on him and dies. But after that, when he asks to Ellis to spare a health kit, Ellis refuses, and Bill kills him instead. In the eighth episode, Francis pokes him with his shotgun to get his "ass" back up here. When he does, he smiles and goes crazy, with a "wububu" sound, and later he beats up Louis before chasing Francis.

When Zoey sees a pile of copy paper and dances in happiness while she carries it, Ellis beats her up. When Ellis gets in front of Francis when he tries to escape through the door, Bill then breaks the door, throws Ellis away, and throws Renamon at him. Left for dead by Francis and Bill, he smiles at the end of the clip. When Bill later asks him if he can spare a health kit for him, he declines and Bill shoots him in the head with a shotgun.

In the episode, he met a Jockey who was too short to get to the carnival and wanted his help. The Jockey later rides Coach to the carnival and uses the money to buy a balloon and play some carnival games. In the other skit of the episode, Coach gets behind a building. He opens his zipper and tries to urinate on the wall.

When he does it, the flame blows away the building wall and turned Nick who was sitting while using a computer into a corpse. Nick said that if Coach does it again, he will bury him alive. Coach then blows another flame blast, which destroys the building. The last frame shows Coach's arm sticking out of the ground with his middle finger raised. In Episode 9, he was using a computer. When Coach was trying to urinate, he made a massive flame blast to the building wall and turned Nick into a corpse.

He said that if Coach does it again, he will bury him alive but Coach made another flame blast which destroyed the whole building, and the next scene shows Coach burried alive with his hand sticking out showing the middle finger.

When she was in a line for the ride, she then met a Jockey, who was riding Coach throughout the carnival. She was later hit by a bumper car. In the fourth episode , he goes into a fit of rage after finding his favorite drink is gone from the fridge and violently attacks the people that took it. In the fifth episode , two women in the supermarket are talking, and they block Grigori's way. He uses his toolgun on a woman's shopping cart and installs a rocket thruster.

The cart, as well as the woman holding it, is sent flying away, Grigori and is able to cross--while causing panic at the same time. In the sixth episode , when a car takes two parking spaces, Grigori becomes mad that he can't park so he places a zombie in the improperly-parked car. His plan succeeds when the illegal driver crashes in a river, but a damaged car crushes him from above.

The Heavy has been shown several times in the series, and is a recurring character. His obsession with Sandviches and unusual behavior sometimes attracts attention. In the first episode , his first scene shows him driving a locomotive and pushing Master Chief into a deep hole after responding to a help request from his Soldier teammate.

In his next scene, he gets attacked by babies. He then wants Sniper's help but a baby backstabs the Sniper instead akin to a Spy so a Pyro tries to help him by using his flamethrower, burning ironically saving him.

The Pyro, however, is attacked later. In the third episode , he performs a Showdown on a Scout performing on stage, killing him.

The Gmod Idiot Box ()13 of The Gmod Idiot Box (). Titles​The Gmod Idiot Box, Episode # The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 13 - BILL!!! (Часть 1) - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Дима Кот. Browse and share the top Gmod Idiot Box GIFs from on Gfycat. The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 13 Garry's Mod, Garrys Mod, GMod, GMod · PAYDAY 2. Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. Just some cool stuff for all my friends who play GMod to use. Gmod Idiot Box Out Of Context followed. Pinned Tweet. Gmod Idiot Box Out Of Context‏ @GModIdiotBoxOoC Feb More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet.

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Posted: 10 Aug The Gmod Idiot Box Terms in this set (13). Dr. Hax. a big-headed man in a suit, he will find you if you use hacks in online games, he will produce a '90s. A pack of SWEPs that reconstructs best moments from The Gmod Idiot Box. Pack includes: Alex's Gun Gonorrhea SWEP Gravity Cat Haax(+ They took our job). Find and follow posts tagged gmod-idiot-box on Tumblr. From the GMod Idiot Box: Episode #gmod#gmod idiot box#garrys mod#episode 13#mass effect#. Popurarly used in "Gmod idiot box", a machinima series by DasBoSchitt. There is also a downloadable weapon made for game Garry's Mod which makes you. High quality, free, Garry's Mod cheat. Download it now! Postado em: 26/06/ ás AM / Categorias: Notícias / Nenhum Comentário /. Hospital de Olhos Francisco Vilar gmod idiot box extenze the creams are. Postado em: 26/06/ ás AM / Categorias: Notícias / Nenhum Comentário /. Hospital de Olhos Francisco Vilar gmod idiot box extenze the creams are. The second episode in The Gmod Idiot Box series. Sketches include: "Gravity Cat​", "Kliner VS November 13, ; YouTube. The twelfth episode in The Gmod.

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