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Angel is an American television series, a spin-off from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It aired on The WB from October 5, , to May 19, , consisting of five seasons and episodes. Like Buffy , it was produced by Whedon's production company, Mutant Enemy. The show details the ongoing trials of Angel , a vampire whose human soul was restored to him by a Romani curse as a punishment for the murder of one of their own.

After more than a century of murder and the torture of innocents, Angel's restored soul torments him with guilt and remorse. Angel moves to Los Angeles, California, after it is clear that his doomed relationship with Buffy, the vampire slayer, cannot continue. During the majority of the show, he works as a private detective in L. A, where he and a variety of associates work to "help the helpless", restoring the faith and saving the souls of those who have lost their way.

The series focuses around Angel David Boreanaz , an Irish vampire who is over years old. Angel was known as Angelus during his rampages across Europe, but was cursed with a soul, which gave him a conscience and guilt for centuries of murder and torture.

He left Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the end of season 3 to move to Los Angeles in search of redemption. He soon finds himself assisted by Allen Francis Doyle Glenn Quinn , another Irish character who is a half-human, half-demon who, although he comes across as a ne'er-do-well hustler, has a heroic side.

Formerly a popular high school cheerleader, Cordelia starts her tenure on the show as a more vain and self-centered personality, but grows over the course of the series into a hero. Cordelia acquires Doyle's visions via a shared kiss prior to Doyle's death. With the death of Doyle in the early episodes of the show's first season, another character from the Buffy series makes the jump to its spin-off: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof joins the team under the brave guise of "rogue demon hunter," acting as comic relief and initially not well accepted.

Over time, Wesley shows bravery and strength as well as some cold-blooded killing cruelty, like his colleague Rupert Giles , and grows into a leader. In season 2 of the show, the trio are joined by Charles Gunn J.

August Richards , a young demon hunter who must initially adjust to working with and for a vampire. At the end of season 2, they travel to the demon world Pylea, where they save Winifred "Fred" Burkle Amy Acker , a young Texan physicist whose social skills have become stunted after five years' captivity; she later grows to become more outspoken.

Season 3 saw the introduction of Connor Vincent Kartheiser , the "miracle" human child of two vampires, Angel and Darla. Abducted into a Hell dimension as a baby, he is raised by Angel's enemy Daniel Holtz , and only a few weeks after he left comes back as a teenager and reluctantly comes to accept his lineage. Although introduced during season 2, Lorne Andy Hallett joins the team during season 3.

An outgoing, pacifistic demon, Lorne's role is predominantly to support the team. In this series, Spike reluctantly fights beside Angel as their rivalry continues—now tinged with Spike existing as another vampire with a soul, and by the romantic feelings that both of them have for Buffy Summers.

One of the legendary Old Ones , Illyria Amy Acker starts off as an adversary of the team after taking over Fred's body, but comes to join the team as she must learn to cope with the changed world and the new emotions she feels as a result of taking over a human. Many characters on Angel made recurring appearances. The two longest-running recurring characters are Lilah Morgan Seasons 1—4 and Lindsey McDonald Seasons 1, 2, and 5 , appearing in 36 and 21 episodes, respectively; Lindsey is the only character besides Angel to appear in both the first and last episode of the series.

Angel's sire Darla Julie Benz , first seen in Buffy , plays an expanded role on Angel and appears in 20 episodes over the course of the series. Throughout the series, there were also guest appearances from Buffy characters , including main cast members Buffy Summers , Willow Rosenberg and Daniel "Oz" Osbourne.

The rogue slayer Faith Eliza Dushku played an important part in episodes of Seasons 1, 2, and 4; Anne Steele and Andrew Wells also originated on Buffy and appeared in two or more Angel episodes. Whedon also used two actors from his cancelled television series Firefly , Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin , to play Jasmine and Marcus Hamilton , respectively.

Much of Angel was shot on location in Los Angeles, California. There's a lot of preconceptions about what the place is, but there are a lot of truths. It's a pretty competitive, intense town, where a lot of lonely, isolated, and desperate people end up.

It's a good place for monsters. In this city, you better learn to get along. Because L. It's all part of the big wacky variety show we call Los Angeles. Jacob suggests several explanations: first, the name connection 'City of Angels' ; second, the double-sided nature, the "other side of the stereotypical sunshine city, Beach Boys and Walt Disney", "the place of pain, anonymity, alienation and broken dreams". Noir had continued investigation of the "dark city, a place of regression and darkness as a counterpoint to the city's promise of progress and civilization" that had begun under William Blake and Charles Dickens.

During Season 1, Angel Investigations is based in Angel's apartment. Actor Alexis Denisof , who played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce , said: "Angel had this dark, foreboding, underground cellar apartment with columns, with this antique furniture all around, and this pokey little office upstairs" [14] These offices were blown up at the climax of the first season, and Angel Investigations found a new base in the episode " Are You Now or Have You Ever Been ".

Production designer Stuart Blatt outlined the new base: "An old hotel, something [the writers] could use to evoke the past of Los Angeles and some of Angel's history, something kind of creepy and spooky but not too dark because they didn't want something depressing, it's called the Hyperion Hotel. It's based on many hotels in Los Angeles Angel lived in a larger suite in the hotel, like a honeymoon suite, the producers wanted Angel to have enough room to relax and get away from it all, do a little pondering, a little brooding, and a little research.

Every once in a while, someone will come up to have a little conversation. Much like Buffy , Angel is told in a serialized format, with each episode involving a self-contained story while contributing to a larger storyline. Unlike Buffy , however, the season-long narratives are not marked by the rise and defeat of a powerful antagonist , commonly referred to as the " Big Bad " in the parent series. It mixes the complex, series-long storyline along with more stand-alone, villain-of-the-week episodes.

The show blends different genres, including horror, fantasy, supernatural, and a combination of comedic and dramatic content. Season 1 is mainly told in a " monster of the week " format, with each episode creating a self-contained story that took place around the title character.

Later seasons became more serialized, where the majority of episodes contribute to a larger story arc that unfolded over many episodes. The most extreme example of this is season 4, in which almost every episode contributed to the main storyline, and often picked up exactly where the previous episode ended.

The series' narrative revolves around Angel and his colleagues, collectively making up the detective agency Angel Investigations, who fight against supernatural evils and work to "Help the helpless".

Though elements and relationships are explored and ongoing subplots are included, the show focuses centrally on Angel and his road to redemption. The most prominent monsters in the Angel bestiary are vampires , which are based on traditional myths, lore, and literary conventions. Angel and his companions fight a wide variety of demons, as well as ghosts , werewolves , zombies , and ethically unsound humans. They sometimes even save the world from annihilation by a combination of physical combat, magic , and detective-style investigation, and are guided by an extensive collection of ancient and mystical reference books.

Visions from higher powers guide the group, and are received by Doyle and later Cordelia. Hand-to-hand combat is chiefly undertaken by Angel and later Gunn, though every member of Angel Investigations is combat ready to some degree.

Lorne is able to read peoples' destinies and intentions. Fred uses her scientific knowledge to contribute, whilst Wesley contributes his extensive knowledge of demonology and supernatural lore. At the start of the series, Angel has just moved to Los Angeles. He is soon visited by Doyle, a messenger sent to him on behalf of The Powers That Be, enigmatic and ancient forces that assist the side of good.

Doyle receives visions that can guide Angel on his mission as a champion of humankind. Angel also encounters Cordelia Chase, who is trying to launch an acting career.

The three group together to form Angel Investigations, a detective agency that hopes to "help the helpless". When Doyle dies in the episode " Hero ", he passes on his "visions" to Cordelia with a kiss. Shortly thereafter, the ex- Watcher , Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, joins the group.

They tempt him toward darkness when they resurrect Darla , Angel's ex-lover and sire —killed by Angel in the first season of Buffy in the episode " Angel ". Charles Gunn , who was introduced toward the end of season 1 in the episode "War Zone," is a street-tough leader of a gang of vampire hunters. He is initially determined to kill Angel but slowly comes to accept him and join his cause throughout season 2.

However, Darla is brought back as a human, not a vampire. But as a human, she suffers from a terminal case of syphilis —which she had contracted in her original life before being sired.

Lindsey brings in Drusilla , a vampire originally sired by Angelus, to restore Darla to the cause of evil. Enraged by this, Angel begins to grow darker. He cuts himself off from his staff secretly to keep them away from this kind of dark territory for their own sake and attempts to go after the pair himself.

In despair, Angel sleeps with Darla cf. When Cordelia vanishes, Lorne , the flamboyant demon owner of karaoke bar Caritas, reluctantly takes Angel and his crew to his home dimension, Pylea, to rescue her. They return with Winifred "Fred" Burkle , a former physics student who has been trapped in the dimension for five long years. To get over news of the death of his ex-girlfriend, Buffy , Angel spends three months in a monastery , where he encounters some demon monks and goes home frustrated in season 3.

He returns to Los Angeles, as does Darla—now bearing his child. Daniel Holtz , an old enemy of both Angel and Darla, is resurrected by a demon to take revenge on the vampires that killed his family. The group is puzzled over what might be the first vampire birth. Darla sacrifices her life to save the life of her child, Connor. The gang is eager to care for the infant, but Wesley soon learns of a false frightening prophecy that suggests that Angel will murder his son.

Feeling disconnected from the group, Wesley does not share this information and quietly kidnaps Connor. Wanting Angel to suffer the loss of a child as he did, Holtz escapes through a rip in the fabric of space to the dimension of Quor'Toth, and raises the boy as his own. Angel feels that his son is lost forever and tries to murder Wesley. Though he survives, Wesley is banished from the group.

Weeks later, Connor returns, but because time moves faster in Quor'Toth, he is now a teenage boy, having been raised by Holtz.

Tricking Angel into believing he needs to be the one to take Connor in, Holtz gives Angel a letter letting Connor know that he will be leaving and to trust Angel. Holtz gets Justine to kill him but ends up making it look like a vampire attack so Connor will assume the worst. Connor imprisons his birth father, Angel, in a casket and drops it to the bottom of the ocean. Cordelia's visions have been progressively getting worse, and she becomes part demon to make them easier on herself.

Her old lover, the Groosalugg , comes back from Pylea to be with her but leaves her when he discovers that she instead loves Angel. Cordelia, having been approached by a seeming agent of the Powers That Be with an offer to become a Higher Being, ascends to a higher dimensional plane at season's end. Despite his exile from his old friends, Wesley locates and frees Angel at the beginning of season four. A hellish Beast emerges and blocks out the sun over L.

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